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17-a-day JuiceAs you are no doubt aware the UK government recommends we all get 5 portions a day of fruit and vegetables. Well in Japan things are a little different as the Japanese RDA (recommended daily allowance) of fruit and veg is 17 different portions!

In Jason Vale’s new “Funky Fresh Juice Book” he has included a recipe for a 17-a-Day juice that he describes as:

“Best served when you really feel you need a massive boost of nutrients. Maybe you’ve been on a bender and feel like you’ve been run over by a truck”

Well as it is my year without all alcohol in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Cancer Research UK I clearly haven’t been on a bender, but I have been a little unwell this week and so this morning gave this juice a go. It took a bit longer to prepare than most of my juices (due to the 17 ingredients) but it was delicious and hence I think was worth the effort. I felt much better after drinking it too!

Japan is home to some of the world’s oldest living people, so maybe 5 a day isn’t quite enough…

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