Adam Ant Camp Bestival 2012One thing I was extremely scared of at the start of my year without beer was the thought of going to a festival and staying completely sober, but guess what? It was easier than I could ever have expected.

Camp Bestival was awesome, if a little different from my ‘typical’ festival experience. Last year at Big Chill, for example, one of my favourite places was the cider bus and much of the weekend was spent with cider in hand. This year, not only did no alcohol cross my lips, but I also suspect I was the only person at the entire festival to get an alcohol free cocktail made for him by the Chase distillery! I also had lots of water, fresh coconut water direct from green coconuts and some awesome teas from Mr Teas.

The first gig I ever went to as a kid was to see Adam Ant at the Gaumont in Southampton. How cool was it to see him at Camp Bestival approx 30 years later! DJ Yoda was also amazing, as were the Dub Pistols, the end of festival fireworks and Mr Tumble!

All in all, a fantastic way to spend a weekend!

Year Without Beer

Never mind the Olympics, 2012 is my Year Without Beer! I am spending all 366 days of this leap year alcohol free in an attempt to raise money for 2 charities that are both very close to my heart.

If giving up all alcohol for a year isn’t enough of a challenge to make you dig deep and show your support, I also plan to run 500 miles! As part of my running challenge I am signed up to run a quarter marathon, 10 mile road race (Great South Run) and 8 mile off road challenge (The Grim Original).

If you want to show some love them please donate to my year without beer and give your support to one of these fantastic causes:

  • To donate to Cancer Research UK please click here to visit my just giving page or donate by text – send AYWB66 and the amount to 70070. For example, texting “AYWB66 £5″ will donate £5.
  • To donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust please click here to visit my just giving page or donate by text – send AYWB55 and the amount to 70070. For example, texting “AYWB55 £5″ will donate £5.


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