Life has no remote. Get up and change it yourselfSaw this image on Facebook and just had to share it. I think far too many people are waiting for some miracle cure to be found for their problems. Why wait when you can take positive steps to improve your life achieve your own goals!

Year Without Beer

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2 Responses to Life Has No Remote. Get Up and Change It Yourself!

  1. [...] The trick to keeping weight off is actually quite simple – don’t go on a diet, change your diet. When you choose to change your diet you no longer feel deprived by the things you “can’t have”, but instead feel empowered by choosing to eat the food that makes you feel better about yourself. Remember, life has no remote control so you need to get up and change it yourself. [...]

  2. [...] Good morning readers. Did you have any new year’s resolutions or specific goals for 2012? If you made a resolution and are sticking to it then you may be pleased to know that you have now been doing it for over 40% of a year. On the flip side, if you promised yourself that you would achieve something in 2012, you have less than 60% of year left in which to achieve it, so maybe now is the time to turn off the TV, get off your seat and starting making that change. [...]

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