AlmondsEating food rich in vitamin E intake could cut the risk of liver cancer, a study has found

Researchers discovered taking vitamin E supplements or snacking on foods such as almonds, peanuts, pine nuts and dried apricots lowered the risk in middle-aged or older people. 

It is also known to help protect against heart disease and eye damage in old age. 

Dr Wei Zhang, of the Shanghai Cancer Institute, analysed data from 132,837 individuals – including 267 liver cancer patients – in China where 54 per cent of all liver cancers in the world occur. 

After gathering information on participants’ dietary habits they compared liver cancer risk to participants who had a high vitamin E intake to those that did not. 

Dr Zhang said: ‘We found a clear, inverse dose-response relation between vitamin E intake and liver cancer risk. 

‘The take home message is that high intake of vitamin E either from diet or supplements was related to lower risk of liver cancer in middle-aged or older people.’

Liver cancer is the third most common cause of cancer mortality in the world and the fifth most common cancer found in men and the seventh most common in women. Approximately 85 per cent of liver cancers occur in developing nations. 

The study was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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