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London 2012Last week it was reported that organisations representing nearly every doctor in the UK have united in a single campaign to tackle rising levels of obesity. The campaign will start by reviewing the case for fat taxes, promoting exercise, restricting food advertising and other measures.

They criticised sponsorship of the Olympics by fast food firms as sending “the wrong message”.

Now it has been announced that McDonalds will open their largest “restaurant” ever in London for the 2012 olympic games. It is expected that this McDonalds will serve 50,000 Big Macs and 180,000 portions of fries over six weeks! The supersize fast food restaurant will have 1,500 seats and is expected to get three million ­visitors during the Games.

The temporary “restaurant” – built of recyclable materials and the size of half a football pitch – is expected to be three times busier than any other in the world. It will be ready in time for the opening ceremony on July 27 and will be taken down after the end of the Paralympics on September 9.

The London 2012 website talks about wanting “to use the power of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire children and young people across the UK and around the world”. With this in mind I think it is disappointing that the Olympic partners, sponsors and official providers include not just McDonalds, but also Coca-Cola, Heineken, Trebor and Cadburys.

I can only hope that is inspiration our kids get comes from the athletes and not marketing budgets of junk food companies!

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