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BBC PanoramaI found Panorama an interesting watch tonight on BBC1. Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former spokesman, met some of the increasing number of Britain’s middle-class professionals for whom one glass of wine after work is never enough, and asked if we all need to reassess our relationship with drink.

Campbell himself knows from bitter experience the true cost of excessive boozing: his alcoholism contributed to his nervous breakdown.

The newspaper headlines about Britain’s drink problem, give the impression that teenage binge-drinking is the problem we all should be concerned with, but with nearly 9,000 people dying from alcohol-related diseases every year, our health crisis is much greater than this.

The program talked about the increase of drinking at home and questioned the sale of cheap alcohol in supermarkets. Campbell talked about his own hard-drinking days and how he was a “hidden alcoholic”, one of a number of professional people, successful on the surface, with a good job, a steady relationship, a mortgage, nice holidays, lots of friends, oh and a drink problem too!

Year Without Beer

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