Medics Smash House to Save 63st TeenToday The Sun is reporting how an army of firemen, engineers and medics demolished part of a house to save Britain’s biggest teenager yesterday after she had a seizure.

According to the report a team of 40 people were involved in the operation to save 63 stone Georgia Davis after she collapsed with breathing problems and chest pains in the bedroom that has become her prison.

The Sun first told of Georgia’s battle with her weight when she weighed in at 33 stone at just 15. She was suffering from crippling aches and Type 2 diabetes. And medics warned her: “Lose 20 stone or die.”

Georgia checked into a kids’ weight loss camp called the Wellspring Academy in the US state of North Carolina and after nine months had lost an impressive 14st 6lbs by changing her normal diet of cheese, biscuits and chocolate for lean buffalo meat burgers. Going on a diet enabled her to shrink from Size 38 to Size 22, but within 20 months of her dramatic transformation she was back up to 40st 6lbs on a 13,000 calorie-a-day diet.

She said: “When I arrived home my mum said she hadn’t had time to prepare any healthy food, so we had fish and chips instead.” By August last year she hit 45 stone and her weight has increased dramatically since.

This often happens when people go on a diet as unsurprisingly if after losing weight you go back to the food and lifestyle that made you fat the first time it will ALWAYS have the same results and typically you will end up getting even heavier.

The trick to keeping weight off is actually quite simple – don’t go on a diet, change your diet. When you choose to change your diet you no longer feel deprived by the things you “can’t have”, but instead feel empowered by choosing to eat the food that makes you feel better about yourself. Remember, life has no remote control so you need to get up and change it yourself.

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