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Grim OriginalA few days ago I wrote about Exercising for Extra Life and the risk of a sedentary lifestyle. I, like much of the population, have a job that doesn’t involve much physical movement so as part of my focus on health during my year without beer I have not only been looking at my nutrition, but also increasing the amount of exercise I do.

Running On Juice

When I was a kid I watched my Dad complete the Southampton marathon and ever since then I have always had a desire to follow in his footsteps. A long distance run or marathon has been on my bucket list since before I even heard the term bucket list, and although I have always found running boring, I came back from Jason Vale’s Juice Academy so super juiced and inspired that I signed up to do the Great South Run.

Since signing up for the Great South Run and my first post about Running on Juice I have covered nearly 40 training miles in less than a month and also signed up to the Apperley Quarter Marathon. I figured this 6.5 mile run would be good training for the 10 miles of the Great South Run.

It’s getting a bit grim

I was talking to a couple of the people I work with about my running and how I am finding it more interesting to do training runs on a mix of country trails and roads, rather than simply sticking to urban footpaths when one of them said “I think you’d like the grim”. I asked a bit more about what “the grim” was and then last night looked it up on Google. No prize for guessing the latest challenge I’ve signed up for!

To give you some idea of what’s involved here is a YouTube video of last year’s event:


Show some love and donate a pint to charity

Never mind the Olympics, 2012 is my Year Without Beer! I am spending all 366 days of this leap year alcohol free in an attempt to raise money for 2 charities that are both very close to my heart.

If giving up all alcohol for a year isn’t enough of a challenge to make you dig deep and show your support, maybe a quarter marathon, 10 mile road race (Great South Run) and 8 mile off road challenge (The Grim Original) will inspire you to sponsor me!

If you want to show some love them please donate to my year without beer and give your support to one of these fantastic causes:

  • To donate to Cancer Research UK please click here to visit my just giving page or donate by text – send AYWB66 and the amount to 70070. For example, texting “AYWB66 £5″ will donate £5.
  • To donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust please click here to visit my just giving page or donate by text – send AYWB55 and the amount to 70070. For example, texting “AYWB55 £5″ will donate £5.