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Running on Juice with Juicemaster water bottleBack in June I decided to lace up my trainers and take the first steps (literally!) towards my of my lifelong dreams. I watched my Dad complete the Southampton marathon when I was a kid and ever since then I have always had a desire to follow in his footsteps. A long distance run or marathon has been on my bucket list since before I even heard the term bucket list, and now it has jumped up that list to become a short term challenge.

The last time I was in a race must have been more than 20 years ago when I was still at school. I came last, or almost last. I can remember exactly, but I was always once of the slowest, so the thought of lining up against others is a little daunting. However, this is not about being the quickest runner, it is about achieving my own goals and dreams.

It is now just 2 weeks until I take part in my first race since starting my running challenge, a quarter marathon and I can’t wait for it to start!

I am very pleased with the way my training is going and to be honest I have even surprised myself with some of the achievements I have made so far. On my early runs I was finding distances around 1-2 miles a challenge and averaging a pace of around 13-14 minutes per mile. Since then I have increased my ‘standard’ training run to 5 miles and also completed 2 runs that were just over 10 miles.

I’ve also been working on improving my pace. Last week I managed to set my PB, but over a distance on just 2 miles and on a treadmill. This morning, I beat it! Not on treadmill, but on the road and over a distance of 5 km (3 miles). I’ve you’d asked me 2 months ago if I could clock miles in less than 7 minutes 30 seconds I’d have laughed at you. This morning I did just that in my first mile and finished with an average pace of 7 minutes 42 seconds! That means I have nearly doubled my pace in 2 months! I’m well happy with that.

Year Without Beer

Never mind the Olympics, 2012 is my Year Without Beer! I am spending all 366 days of this leap year alcohol free in an attempt to raise money for 2 charities that are both very close to my heart.

If giving up all alcohol for a year isn’t enough of a challenge to make you dig deep and show your support, I also plan to run 500 miles! As part of my running challenge I am signed up to run a quarter marathon, 10 mile road race (Great South Run) and 8 mile off road challenge (The Grim Original).

If you want to show some love them please donate to my year without beer and give your support to one of these fantastic causes:

  • To donate to Cancer Research UK please click here to visit my just giving page or donate by text – send AYWB66 and the amount to 70070. For example, texting “AYWB66 £5″ will donate £5.
  • To donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust please click here to visit my just giving page or donate by text – send AYWB55 and the amount to 70070. For example, texting “AYWB55 £5″ will donate £5.