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A pint of freshly juiced green vegetablesGood morning readers. Did you have any new year’s resolutions or specific goals for 2012? If you made a resolution and are sticking to it then you may be pleased to know that you have now been doing it for over 40% of a year. On the flip side, if you promised yourself that you would achieve something in 2012, you have less than 60% of year left in which to achieve it, so maybe now is the time to turn off the TV, get off your seat and starting making that change.

Even if you have never read this blog before, the name of this post should let you know one of my goals this year – I am going without ALL alcohol for the entire year, all 366 days (yes I chose to do this in a leap year) in an attempt to raise some money for 2 causes that are very close to my heart. Lots of friends and family regularly ask me…

“How’s it going, the not drinking thing?”

Well, where do I start? Have I had days where I have really wanted a drink? Honestly? Yes I have. Have I given in and had a drink? Hell no! I have come close once or twice, but I am committed to this year and have absolutely no intention of giving in. Friday nights and generally the time I consider having a beer or a glass of wine, but once I decide not to have a drink the feeling is really empowering. Please feel free to add some encouragement, show some support and make a donation to one of these great causes:

This blog has received over 5,000 unique visitors since I started writing it in January. If each of those had donated just £1 in support I would be over my fundraising target already, sadly I have only raised around 12% of my target so far. Thanks in advance for helping me get to my target.

Enjoy the sunshine,