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Cystic Fibrosis Running Vest - New Logo - Cystic Fibrosis The Reason I RunSo today marks the first anniversary of Neil Martin the runner. I became a runner the day I took those first hard steps, although I wouldn’t have described myself as one at the time. My first run involved as much walking as running, oh and a lot of sweating and VERY heavy breathing. When I arrived home after my first mile I was breathing like Darth Vader and dripping like I’d just walked out of the shower. I hated that run and wondered why I had signed up to the Great South Run and declared in on Facebook the night before, but as time passed and I persisted with my training I found I started to enjoy my runs. I started to get a buzz from running and excited about the next time I would lace up my trainers and head out.

“Any idiot can run. It takes a special kind of idiot to run a marathon”

I have now completed 1,219 miles in my running career. I’ve completed 10 races including a marathon and can’t wait to my next race – the Great British 10k.

Cystic Fibrosis A Race We Must Win2013 Miles in 2013

This year I am trying to complete 2013 miles self-powered miles. My 2013 miles in 2013 challenge is in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust as I have been surprised since I started fundraising for the CF Trust just how many people are unaware of this disease and so I hope my efforts will not just raise money, but also awareness of the UK’s most most common life-threatening inherited disease.

The first person to commit to sponsoring my 2013 mile challenge has committed to 1p per mile (£20.13 in total) and this got me thinking. I am hoping that as many as possible of those reading this will commit to do the same and the best thing is, if each person does this on a “pay as you go” type approach all you will need to part with is approx £2 just after each pay day. In January I completed 205.9 miles, in February I completed a further 200.9 miles, in March I completed 185.7 miles, in April I completed 192.1 miles and in May I completed 168 miles. If you can please spare £9.53 to help the Cystic Fibrosis Trust it will be greatly appreciated.

The easiest way to give your sponsorship is to visit my Just Giving page:

2013 Miles in 2013 – The rules

The rules for my 2013 miles in 2013 challenge are quite simple:

  1. All miles must be completely self powered (no motors, sails, etc)
  2. I must be able to evidence all miles, either via GPS or with a picture of any static gym equipment

To complete my 2013 miles I will be running, cycling, rowing and who knows, I might even try a few other self powered methods along the way.