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great-south-run-2012There is now just one more sleep until I run the 2013 Great South Run. This will be my longest run since last month’s Great North Run and to honest, I’ve not trained as much for this one as I would have liked. Life has been pretty hectic lately and I suffered from quite a bit of jet lag after my recent US trip. Nether the less, I feel ready to revisit this race.

When I was a kid my Dad completed the Southampton Half Marathon and that was the inspiration that made me want to be a runner. After signing up for last year’s GSR, I discovered that the Great South Run started in Southampton and I believe it actually replaced the Southampton Half Marathon. My first GSR last year, marked the 25th anniversary of my Dad running the Southampton Half Marathon.

Last year, I absolutely loved the experience. The crowds around the course made it such a magical experience for me. The weather is not supposed to be so good tomorrow, but I am hoping they will be out in force again!

Wish me luck!

Cystic Fibrosis A Race We Must WinWhy Am I Doing 2013 Miles in 2013?

This year I am trying to complete 2013 miles self-powered miles. It is has been 10 years since my cousin’s son Adam lost his fight with Cystic Fibrosis. Adam was just 18 years old when when he lost his lifelong battle with CF, the UK’s most common life-threatening inherited disease. Despite spending large parts of his short life in hospital Adam never once complained, not even of a headache and was determined to make the most of everyday.

My 2013 miles in 2013 challenge is in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust as I have been surprised since I started fundraising for the CF Trust just how many people are unaware of this disease and so I hope my efforts will not just raise money, but also awareness of the UK’s most most common life-threatening inherited disease.

The first person to commit to sponsoring my 2013 mile challenge has committed to 1p per mile (£20.13 in total) and this got me thinking. I am hoping that as many as possible of those reading this will commit to do the same and the best thing is, if each person does this on a “pay as you go” type approach all you will need to part with is approx £2 just after each pay day. In January I completed 205.9 miles, in February I completed a further 200.9 miles, in March I completed 185.7 miles, in April I completed 192.1 miles, in May I completed 168 miles, in June I completed 145 miles, in July I completed 210.1 miles, in August I completed 130.7 miles and in September I completed 170.8 miles. If you can please spare £16.09 (my mileage so far) to help the Cystic Fibrosis Trust it will be greatly appreciated.

The easiest way to give your sponsorship is to visit my Just Giving page:

2013 Miles in 2013 – The rules

The rules for my 2013 miles in 2013 challenge are quite simple:

  1. All miles must be completely self powered (no motors, sails, etc)
  2. I must be able to evidence all miles, either via GPS or with a picture of any static gym equipment

To complete my 2013 miles I will be running, cycling, rowing and who knows, I might even try a few other self powered methods along the way.